"This world of ours is in a turmoil and no one is positive of the outcome, and it is now, more than ever before, more practicable and sensible to be in a perfect state of health, both in body and in mind, in order to more successfully confront the problems continually arising."


Joseph Pilates, 1939 

photo used with permission of I.C. Rappoport

Take this opportunity to change. 

Get in the best physical and mental condition of your life.

Get a workout that will inform and enrich everything else you do.  The Pilates Method is designed to make you stronger, leaner, more flexible and uniformly developed in mind and body.  You will develop a regenerative energy that can carry you through the day with ease.  You can relieve yourself of pain, imbalance and discomfort.  It’s all within your grasp.  It just takes walking through the door and committing to make a change.

Our Mission Statement:

Dharmaspace is a Classical Pilates studio.  It is a place to rediscover your body and yourself.  It is a place to rehabilitate injury.  It is a place to deepen your current practice.  Dharmaspace is an opportunity to make changes in your life by changing your body and how you communicate with it.  Dharmaspace is an opportunity to change everything, or simply refine the talents you already possess.

How our San Francisco studio operates:

We have a wide range of instructors with diverse backgrounds to facilitate the different needs of all who choose to walk through our doors.

All teachers at Dharmaspace work independently.  They will personally take care of scheduling, taking payment and are responsible for contact.  You can read about our teachers and contact them directly starting HERE

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Peter’s new studio in Midcoast Maine:
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